Giving Back


THE GARDENS CLUB is an initiative of the Wise Foundation

The Wise Foundation believes that all people and communities should have the opportunity to achieve economic independence through business. Our core mission is, ‘To strengthen communities through assisting the creation of innovative economic models.’

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the Wise Foundation was formed in April 2008 to further the community development and social commitments of the Wise family.

Within The Gardens Club, Wise Foundation operate a program designed to assist those in the community facing barriers to employment. The Wise Hospitality Program provides six months of employment and training to individuals from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. Participants are inducted into the workplace and provided with extensive training by hospitality professionals. On exiting the program, participants are supported in resume writing and future employment applications.

The Wise Foundation is a registered Tax Concession Charity for the purpose of assisting marginalised people achieve meaningful participation in the community.

Other initiatives of the Wise Foundation include:


Please see feedback below from past participants:

“It was my first step to start my working life in Australia. I enjoyed every moment of the work and learned a lot about working in Australia. What distinguishes the work most is the other staff. They were very kind and helpful. I have all my thanks and appreciation for you. 

Through this experience, I learned more about the Australian people, culture, and how to manage work in Australia”

Abdulrahman – 2023

“I had a wonderful time working in the Wise Foundation Hospitality Program. When I started, I was very worried because it was my first time working with different people who don’t speak my first language. After about one week of working, I began to feel more comfortable because people were very kind to me and supportive. I learnt to believe in myself and be confident in the things I can achieve. My Manager and the team helped me throughout the whole program and I am very happy.

I learnt many skills including English language skills, confidence, how to handle and make conversation with English speaking people, workplace manner and so many great hospitality skills”
Said – 2019


“Just after four weeks of my arrival in Australia, I started working for Wise Foundation. I was very concerned about my language, the Australian accent and work conditions. I am so glad that I had this opportunity to start working sooner rather than later.  I feel more relaxed about working now after the experience.

I full heartedly appreciate the business manager, as he is a very thoughtful and kind man. The manager of the café never looked at me any differently to other members of the team. All the staff were very kind and supportive.

In this experience: my confidence has improved, I was given the opportunity to have Australian work experience and now, am more confident and comfortable applying for new jobs. I became familiar with Australian culture and I learnt new skills in hospitality which was a great experience.”
Parisa – 2019.


“This is my first work experience since I arrived in Australia in Oct, 2019. It is also the best experience of my life. I didn’t think that I’d be working in my first year in Australia as my English was not very good. To my surprise I got this job and found out that the team at The Gardens Club Café, especially Jeremiah (manager), and all the customers I was serving were understandable and supportive.

I am very happy with my experience in The Gardens Club Café. It has helped me gain self-confidence to pursue a career within the customer service industry. I have also developed barista skills and team work skills that will be vital in my career growth.

I would like to thank the team for their support during my training. I want to pass a special and warm appreciation on to Jeremiah, who has been persistent in my training and knowledge. He has helped me a lot and everything I have achieved in The Gardens Club Café, I owe to him.

I have had a good experience working as a barista. I hope once this global pandemic is over, I will get employment in this industry. Thank you, Wise Foundation, for providing me with this opportunity!”
– Israel – 2020


“TGC is an amazing environment to work. I have have learnt so many new things about coffee. Working with TGC has helped be improve me social skill tremendously. We get busy, but there is always help when ever needed. Everything gets easier as you get accustomed to the busy environment”

Ashvini – 2022